5 tips for marketing applications for mobile devices

Applications for mobile devices today constitute today a rising market that moves billions of euros a year. However, to successfully commercialize it must follow a few guidelines. Carsten Frien, mobile marketing expert and director of Madvertise, offers the following five tips in the journal Acquisa:

marketing applications for mobile devices

  1. Conception and definition of target

Prior to the development and commercialization of an app, you need to define in advance what the purpose of it, preferably who we headed to her and to which category of the App Store best fits the application.

  1. Election of the application store

The market for mobile applications is not dominated solely by Apple. Apart from the popular Apple App Store, are also the Nokia Ovi Store, Blackberry App World, the Microsoft Marketplace or the Android Market. In addition, a shop less popular applications, can also translate into advantages for the application. Thus, the lower  number of applications and users that has a store, the easier it will be also with its monopoly.

  1. Pricing Strategy

When determining the price of an application, keep in mind that the cheaper it is, the more users will be willing to try it. In the case of opting for gratuity, the influence on the number of downloads and subsequent use of the application will be obviously more than remarkable. Thus, the free applications are used six times more than the payment. Moreover, the initial expenses associated with the launch of a free application can be offset later by marketing mobile advertising. To this must be added that the competition of a free application is always less than if payment. In the Apple App Store, for example, it is only free one in four applications.

  1. Proper Marketing Advertising

The more concrete the user profile to which we want to go, the more efficient marketing of advertising associated with the application. In this sense, we must go for defining strategies targeting for proper marketing of mobile advertising.

  1. Use of all communication channels

Introduce a new application for mobile devices involves the use of various communication channels, from the classic (press releases, corporate websites, corporate blogs, newsletters, etc.) to the newest (blogs, web applications, social networks, etc.). Particularly useful is the commitment to social media as a channel to promote an application, because through Facebook and Twitter developers can engage in direct dialogue with potential users and take account of their comments ahead of the marketing application.