5 Ways To Increase Your Company Presence In Search Engines Using Social Networks

Social networks are very powerful when it comes to sharing your brand message to the intended audience. Tom Larkin, president of the Social Rebate application that supports marketing efforts for businesses, talked to me and gave me the following advice to boost the appearance of your company on search engines using social networks.

5 Ways To Increase Your Company Presence In Search Engines Using Social Networks

Select the ideal network

Facebook is great for search engines when messages are public, but when users share content to your audience, is only visible to that user’s friends. Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are much better for the mass distribution of a message.

Always format the content for the network

Each social network is unique, then it is important not to use the exact same content in each. Make sure your content is formatted correctly to optimize the chances that your audience share. Often, I see Twitter messages that were obviously copied from another network and the message goes incomplete. For example, if I share something on Facebook that has more than 140 characters, cannot wait to appear on Twitter in the same full form (will be truncated). So if you are about to link your convenience, be sure that the messages have the uniform format across all networks.

Start the conversation

Search engines love conversation threads. When users’ questions about a specific topic, a thread of opinions and answers begin to form around him, helping search engines. With multiple sources of all weighing in on the same subject, the issue becomes more relevant. The ‘Reddit’ platform is a great example of a social forum that can generate big hit with the search engines when a topic is viraliza. Ask questions relevant to your brand or product, take a unique position to cause any opinions, and always make sure your profile takes people directly to your site.

Groups and Meetings

There are talks in the social sphere that search engines have already found. Forums, public pages and pages on Facebook are good places to start looking for ways to optimize search engines. If there are relevant conversations to your brand and you can offer some advice, you can establish yourself as a valuable resource and participate in the conversation. This is not only a good way to get directly to potential customers, but it also if links to the conversation already have solid placement in the search engines, then anyone who visits will be exposed to your brand as well.

Use keyword rich with trend tags (#)

The Hashtags (#) have become ideal for highlighting topics of conversation in social media messages shape. Publishing content on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using the symbol (#) before popular words helps draw attention to its content. Use the hashtag symbol is so powerful that search engines like Google are forced to pay attention because often these popular issues will become national news