7 Tricks For Good Writing

Be kinder, any text wins if well drafted. Follow these simple tips and tricks the fear of writing.

7 Tricks For Good Writing

1.Clear Ideas

What I mean , I want to say how , Why is subject.These and other questions are what we must do before we write. The main thing is that we have very clear what we will talk before you start, so that the wording is not complicated and we end up being messy. Make a sketch with the main ideas of the text and what goes on every issue or what we cannot forget to tell, we will help organize.

2.Short sentences

If the text you will write is not only for us, then he is to think of the poor reader. We must try to understand us. Well, more than three, you have to get it. If we are not a Cervantes potentially better that we focus on writing short sentences and forget endless subordinate. Convey a simple and concise manner the idea always gives good results.

3.Adjectives go away

A well-used adjective helps describe what we mean. It gives color to the text. But do not be fooled by her innocent appearance, we complement the noun, no. The adjective is an evil entity that creates addiction and converts any text into a simple compilation of bombastic words full of flourishes, which transmit images repellent corny. And even worse is the ability of this resource to convince us that write good when really it is a lie: it is like smearing colony to not shower, strain at first, but after a week, it is likely that our friends stop calling us to be.

For many adjectives we add the text, they will not cover errors in writing. You have to be very emo to support a languid and riddled with beautiful red roses on a soft, dark old black velvet bedspread like a cold night without pale stars text.

4.Without forgiveness

At this point, with the correction of the Word, emails and the Royal Academy in a mobile application, commit misspellings is a mortal sin. And not because we can not fail, we can, but because we need to review what we write. You have to doubt our reliability and check if we have blundered, what’s new in the language (words that are supported, which are misused, etc.), and put the accents well (egg in this blog, where we They explain very simply what it takes tick and what does not so that we learn once). We cannot present a good academic work that has faults, as is the teacher and whatever.

5.No written as spoken

The construction of spoken and written language is different. Writing a newspaper article or a college work can not and should be a literary text, but also a conversation with colleagues. Whether we opted for a relaxed style, a more neutral or one academic, we must take care that the phrases do not follow the pattern of a conversation, but of an essay. Each sentence should have subject, predicate and the necessary accessories, and every idea must be stated and concluded, without nothing left in the air. A good check that does not work what to write as we speak, is the voice recorder of WhatsApp messages: if we record a conversation without trying to take care of the language, reading the message will see that the result is extremely rare.

6.The periods and commas are not a decorative element

The reader needs to breathe and understand. We need to conclude the ideas, list them, explain them. Rate correctly is essential to write well and helps us organize our thoughts so that the text is not chaotic.

7.The easiest way to be fatal

Not to put a lot of “learned” words will seem to know more. If you normally are not integrated into our vocabulary, it may not we use them well or that the text is very forced. Before making a fool using a Super far fetched .where it should not be, you better explain what we mean in a simple and honest way. The important thing is to communicate and the reader to understand we do not feed our ego-based. Yes, it is essential to be careful all the time repeating the same words. A thesaurus will come us to enrich our editorial pearls.

Writing is a wonderfully reserved for a few lucky art, but write well and correctly, we can do it all and the good news is that as best you learn is reading and practicing. Besides easy, fun. What more could you ask for?