How To Prepare A Marketing Program

The activities of a company are closely linked to each other. One of these activities is marketing. This sector is essential. If no sales, mastering other management techniques is of little use.

Internet is a tool that helps and facilitates marketing. Hardly a day goes by without some publication, radio or television mention Internet. Internet is a new medium that connects millions of people around the world through their computers, no matter where in the world they are, and virtually negligible costs.

How To Prepare A Marketing Program

Historically, create market, sell products and services is one of the world’s problems since a flow of purchases and sales it makes possible the circulation of money, creating purchasing power.

  1. Market Research Activities to obtain market information. We must find concrete facts and market data in order to base decisions on reality and not on opinions and assumptions. Thanks to the Internet that activity has been provided: 1) Navigating the Web by visiting Web sites of competition; 2) To exchange ideas and establish individual or groups of persons’ communications via email.
  1. Planning of the products is essential to note that in the digital era, the power is held because the client has access to all the world supply of the products you are looking for. Start by defining the components of your product and improve to give customers more of what this expected in order to compete. Testing before and after launch strengthens the infrastructure to provide a service without errors.

The above indicates that when planning the products have to get your offer is the best ever. The best at what? And here arises the need to define.

  1. Strategy and Positioning before anything else. If you do not have a specific long-term goal for your business, all efforts will be made-utilized. When planning your products have to define its position, that is the place that will take its brand in the minds of its customers. And here it arises that, as you can not be good at everything, you have to specialize their business and narrow the focus as much as possible and thus increase your chances of being a successful business. In other words you get more benefits with less. A photographer who specializes in weddings get more contracts than a normal photographer who attends all kinds of services.
  1. Pricing. Activities to determine the price of the product or service from three perspectives: costs, demand and competition. The price should be according to the desired position in the minds of its customers and should keep a relationship with your competition. It is definetly what consumers can afford or are willing to pay.
  1. Advertising. Activities to raise awareness of the product to consumers and create a demand for it. Consumer advertising about the product.
  1. Sales Promotion. Sales promotion stimulates demand and increases sales, and usually about the product to consume. Sales promotion tools, incentive is designed to stimulate the (faster and / or higher) the immediate purchase of goods or services. Success is achieved when the customer repeat purchase.
  1. Distribution. Bringing the product from manufacturer to consumer. The section linking the demand and supply is the logistics and distribution channels. If markets digital products (software, music, digital books, online consulting, etc.) are easily distributed as they are made by the Internet. If sells physical products have to consider how to deliver the products in the shortest possible time and be assured of delivery to avoid disrepute if the agreed term of delivery is not met.
  1. Add value to electronic selling. For the potential buyer decide to buy your product you have to provide all information that is relevant and it should include advantages over buying through traditional means. Examples: purchase without leaving your home, 24 hour availability, privacy of the buyer, etc. They are typical of Internet advantages.

Your website should provide the necessary elements to assist in the purchase process: features, benefits, use, prices, email, telephone number (this issue is very important because there are many people who want to speak personally on the phone before deciding to purchase).

Facilitate the form of contact so that the potential buyer can make any further consultation. Finally, the payment should enable the buyer to all options: check, money order, credit card, etc.

The above activities are performed to plan and prepare a marketing program.