How Do Affiliate Marketing If You Are Advertiser – 4 Different Options

Affiliate marketing has all of what an internet advertiser can dream. Advertising at low cost with very little risk paying on a CPA model. That is what appears at first glance. There are also risks that consist mostly of loss of control that this type of model. Despite the disadvantages that cannot be denied, affiliate marketing is a very attractive option for most advertisers.

 How Do Affiliate Marketing If You Are Advertiser - 4 Different Options

Also the webmaster or blogger can take advantage of this form of monetization whenever it clear what kind of content that will be more successful in this field. Also, it influences much business behind the ads. Therefore the selection of the affiliate program is vital. Even you are taking all that you will not sell anything through affiliate marketing if you fail the trust of your readers.

Working with discount codes

The easiest way to make affiliate marketing is through discount codes. Largely it requires manual management at all levels. There is an interface where you can access the affiliate to see your statistics and therefore requires a high level of trust between both parties. Those in the best you can get a blogger with your readers.

The recruitment of collaborators can be done directly through a post and / or a page on the blog. This then markets itself through other entrances and a banner on the blog. To create forms and make arrangements for such a low volume supplier has Codeeta. A more scalable solution that also in the Formstack price ranges is less economical offers. It works with monthly payments starting at $ 39. In Codeeta you pay for transactions.

In order to assign commissions differently individual discount codes are created for each affiliate. Thus ,each employee subsequently receives the revenues belonging to it. Apart from the cost for the use of platforms form you have to take into account the cost of commission for affiliates.

Make use of external service platforms

What i external platforms ,affiliate marketing service? We are talking here of affiliate networks like Zanox or Tradedoubler and others. As an advertiser, you have a service part because they manage the media. Depending on your importance as an advertiser, you have more or less additional service level management program.

If you have a low turnover you have to look a little life despite having to also pay a monthly fee and even a 30% commission on each record (sales commissions are lower). Additionally you have to renumber affiliates bring you sales. Let’s say we pay 10% for each sale. In case of pay per lead 1 EUR you’d have to add a cost of € 0.30 commission.

Self-management platforms

The platform is best known self E-Junkie. Despite having a totally outdated interface is still the best option in the market despite the existence of alternatives. E-Junkie charges a minimum fee of $ 5 per month for a maximum of 10 products and 50 Megs of files for download.

It is ideal for those who offer digital products like e-books. You can manage everything: products, affiliates, payments, etc. Here is a tutorial on E-Junkie to take the first steps.

The system itself affiliation with WordPress plugin

In condos have our own affiliate system integrated. We use the WP Affiliate Platform. Fits perfectly with our requirements as a recurring commission paid. Therefore, one of the requirements was that it had to be able to integrate with our membership management plugin. It has the advantage that you have a single payment of only $ 50 plugin. To all this you have to add the cost of affiliate commissions.