Affiliate Marketing: Publishers, Advertisers And Networks

Network, publishers, advertisers. What role each plays in affiliate marketing? How do they interact and what benefits do? What is this form of marketing? If you’ve ever asked these questions, in this post you’ll answer your questions.

Affiliate Marketing: Publishers, Advertisers And Networks

But let’s start at the beginning. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which three different actors interact through a Network or in other words, a platform of affiliation that acts as an intermediary between them:

Advertisers or Merchants, which are based on the affiliation platform strategies for branding, eCommerce or capture leads with the aim of increasing their conversion.

Publishers or affiliates; web spaces where specific content is developed and segmented high quality and seek to earn income through the inclusion of advertising on them.

End users or customers browsing the Internet and is impacted by advertising on websites relevant to them. The aim of marketing actions public.

What role does each and what is it? The idea is simple and complex at once:

The advertiser uses advertising space generated web / subscription lists of Publishers or affiliates in which there is a specific and targeted content for a specific audience page.

For each user who clicks on the ad and completes a transaction, both as Network Publisher charge a fee to be paid by the advertiser, based on a model based purely on results.

Sometimes affiliate programs managed through a network provide a platform on which both publishers and advertisers can access check visits, sales, complete forms, high in newsletters and commission generated, among many other data.

The ranking of the most important networks worldwide includes Rakuten Link Share, Commission Junction, Amazon, or Ebay Avangate. Nationally Webgains, Tradedoubler, Zanox Affilinet or stand out from others.

The search for the best Publishers

One of the most attractive elements for advertisers is the quality of the Publishers or affiliates, so that in addition to the commission, the networks set up programs to attract and retain them with the aim of encouraging them to develop more valuable to their advertisers spaces.

Types of membership

Web sites or blogs: wherein segmented depending on the type of ads will show audience

Cash back sites: are pages where customers can get a reward when they buy a product (the entrance is shared with the end customer).

CPC campaigns: Members provide qualified traffic to traders by buying words or phrases in the search engines.

Databases E-Mail Marketing and Co-Registration: This database of registered users who have agreed to receive information from third parties that the advertiser are assigned to campaigns.

Own affiliate networks: some websites use their own affiliate network where members can register and track the results of advertising are showing.

Common formats

  • Advantages of belonging to an affiliate program for the advertiser
  • Apps and product finders
  • Feeds
  • SEM (text links)
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising Display
  • Purely results-based system in which the advertiser pays only for conversions
  • Attracting potential customers to the web
  • It is combinable with other solutions such as those offered Ve Interactive to improve the conversion ratio
  • It does not require too long
  • Custom creative
  • Different modes to suit different customer needs
  • Lets you choose your affiliates
  • Members strive to make the page as interesting as possible and generate revenue
  • Measuring Results

The affiliate marketing, accounting of impressions, clicks and sales charges a vital importance and it is essential to generate a technology that allows:

Management and reporting of programs and publishers

Assignment and control actions through track links, cookies and other technologies implemented in the advertiser’s website

Validation of these actions by the advertiser

View Interactive solutions perfectly fit any type of affiliate program because they are directly aimed at generating revenue for advertisers.