The Biggest Mistakes The People Make With SEO Press Releases

You can really make a press release work well by using some SEO elements but unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t work that well. Most SEO press releases just look like a bad advertisement and the only real reason for them being done in the first place is to appeal to the web crawlers. And if you attempt to put one of these SEO press releases out then it is very certain that it will not even be looked at by anyone in the media.

People Make Mistakes With SEO Press Releases

So What Are The Mistakes That People Make With SEO Press Releases?

If you put all your focus on keywords when writing these press releases rather than focusing on the content you will be making a major mistake. When it comes to SEO you must pay attention to keyword density but it has to be done in a way that makes the press release easy to understand for the reader. The reality is that if you write well you will often have your article keyword optimised without even trying; it is important to put quality above keywords.

Filling a press release with backlinks is another common mistake that people make when they write press releases. To make matters even worse thee backlinks often have no connection to what has been written in the release. If you want your press release to have any chance of attracting media attention it is vital that these back links are always used with care and should be adding something to the content.

A lot of the time those who write these press releases do not make any attempt to ensure they are picked up by members of the media. This sort of goes against the whole idea of a press release and it is unlikely that members of the media will arrive beating at your door.

So while you can use SEO to enhance a press release it is vital that it is done correctly.

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