Who Sent That Email? – Reverse Email Address Lookup

Reverse Email Address Lookup – Making Sure Your Email Is Safe

You may notice that you get a whole lot of emails in your mailbox and also you do not know who sent them; well you can use a reverse e-mail address lookup support to uncover who sent that e-mail. Spam is very common and a whole lot of spam can contain very inappropriate content or someone might be trying to access your personal information having a virus that’s attached to the e-mail.


A reverse email lookup is just like a reverse telephone look up. It takes your email and then determines whim that email address belongs too. You merely kind in the anonymous email into the database and you will get all the info associated with that email address.

There are several e-mail providers that will allow you to reverse lookup emails as long as it is an e-mail that they provide. Nevertheless you also need to have a user of that e-mail. An excellent example of this really is Yahoo and as long as you have a yahoo e-mail and also the anonymous e-mail is from yahoo then you can see who sent it.

There are several e-mail providers that permit you to search using e-mail addresses, names or keywords to discover information on those Yahoo customers. If the anonymous e-mail is from yahoo then you can very easily discover who it is, although in purchase to use this service you need to be a member of Yahoo.

With the million of websites that supply reverse lookup providers it can be difficult to find a good one.

Some of the best free reverse lookup directories consist of Google search engine, Yahoo, myspace, Linkedin, Facebook and more. By discovering the owner of the email you are able to determine where the email came from and if it’s spam, from an unknown company or someone that you know. This is an important device to keep your computer secure.

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