Social Media Strategies – Why Its Important In Your Email Campaign

Email marketing, when executed properly, is an extremely effective marketing tool.

This is why it’s important to avoid spammer’s language; words and phrases such as ‘FREE!’, ‘Buy now!’, ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Winner!’ should be avoided at all costs. Junk filters are quick to pick-up on this ‘salesy’ jargon and so are the public.

Social Media Strategies Important In Your Email Campaign

Good subject lines will offer to solve a problem, describe a benefit or arouse curiosity; this should lead to a click through to the rest of your content.Using an editorial magazine style often helps when writing the subject line and ellipsis (¦) at the end of a sentence always creates a sense on intrigue¦

The main bulk of content in your email needs to be specific to your target reader; think about what your target reader would like to hear.Write your content as if you were talking to a friend in a one-to-one conversation, this removes the pushy salesman talk, enabling a closer relationship with your readers.

Your email must be structured; a common structure involves discussing a problem your reader might have and then offering them a solution – the solution being your product or service.

The layout of your content needs to be broken up by headlines, captions, bullet points or lists. If your reader clicks on your subject line to find an email with rows and rows of text; it will not be read! Sub-heading and captions make text easier to read, and the reader can choose which sections to read at their leisure. Content needs to be broken up, short and snappy or you will turn readers away.

It’s important to track your email once it has been sent; your subscribers will tell you what you are getting right and what you are doing wrong and it’s important to listen to their views.