A review of Blog Pig – is it a scam?

Here you are at my succinct report on Blog Pig. In this review I will reply to those burning questions for anyone interested in this product, namely:

A review of Blog Pig is a scam

– What does Blog Pig do?
– Could it be a con?
– Is it well worth getting hold of?
– Can I get a bonus for buying this product? (and exactly what is a bonus?)
– Can I get my money back if it turns out I really don’t want it afterall

Those are lots of questions to tackle, how about we get stuck in straight away.

What is Blog Pig all about?

Okay, let’s hear from the horse’s mouth about this one and have a look at what they say with regards to themselves on their website:

What is ClickPiG? ClickPiG is a hoplink management script that is both simple to use yet deceptively powerful. ClickPiG: Protects your bottom line by ensuring you only pay genuine affiliates Ensures happy affiliates by protecting their commission from hijackers Increases ….

Can it be a con?

For products of this kind, there’s one simple guaranteed method to discover this: the product’s refund rate.If a product has a high refund rate, then it might be a scam.It is obvious – if it’s a scam, then people are going to be returning it in high numbers.The approximate refund rate for Blog Pig is 0.52%, which is shockingly low, and suggests this product is certainly not a scam.

Is it worth buying?

Blog Pig has a large collection of verifiable testimonials from happy customers submitted on their website.Reading these testimonials is frequently a good way of evaluating whether the product fits your needs.Obviously, that really should not be your only research. The owner of a product can put anything at all on their website – you should back up their promises with an unbiased external reviewSee the link at the end of this report for one such review, which gives the product a rating of 4.03/5. This is high and suggests the product is definitely worth buying.

What are the bonuses available? (and just what is a bonus?)

Some internet websites can offer you a purchase bonus if you buy an item through their link (as a thank-you for purchasing through their website). For Blog Pigthere is a bonus on offer that is a guide describing how to get access to numerous hidden bonuses – you just need a clever (and secret) Google search to locate them.(See link at the end of the article)

Can I have a refund if it turns out I don’t want it afterall

The quick answer: yes! Payments for this item are dealt with through Clickbank – and they offer a 60-day no-quibble guarantee for all products. So you can be confident you can get a refund.

So what now?

I’ve already been through all the principal questions that prospective buyers have when considering this product .Before you make that final decision though, I would advise that you check out the complete review sheet (see link below).There you can find out if there are any extra complimentary products, any discount rates and any bonuses offered by the Blog Pig team. You can additionally find details of the purchase bonus mentioned above.So, head to http://r.ecommended.com where you’ll be able to read the complete review of Blog Pig. It’s also sensible to pick up a complimentary copy of his ‘Secret Discounts’ ebook. It details a huge selection of hidden discounts available on digital products. Wouldn’t you like to discover where the secret discounts are?