Should I Use Spinning Software?

Whether to use spinning software or not is hotly debated within the Internet Marketing community. All marketers know the benefits of creating backlinks to help them to rate well within the search engine rankings. Backlinks may be harvested by publishing many articles that include one or more backlinks to a website. This is a great way of generating backlinks however the process is very time consuming or expensive if you employ an article writing service.

Use Spinning Software

Spinning software allows you to easily turn a single article into several dozen or even several hundreds of related articles with little effort. Spinners allow you to rewrite the article a word, sentence or paragraph at a time. All spinners contain a synonym replacement database to make it easier to find replacement words or phrases. Many spinners also contain a single button to automatically replace common words with highly used synonyms.

The spinning software will use the selected synonym replacements to randomly produce multiple versions of the source article. Increasing the number of replacements will increase the number of variations of the article. After an article has been spun, it will be made up of a portion of the original article and the randomly selected synonym replacements, thus creating a unique version of the original article. Many article writers aim for a spin percentage of 30%, meaning that the article is 70% original, and 30% unique.

To secret to using an article spinner is to pay particular attention to the articles that are being produced after the spin process. If the spinning software is used unwisely, the resulting article may appear like nonsense or may even look like it has been automatically translated from one language to another. This does not look professional and these sort of articles may not be accepted by article posting sites.

Good spinning software, such as SpinChimp, will allow you to manually add, remove or modify spin; test the resulting article; then modify the spin again and repeat until the resulting article is both unique and professionally written.

So to answer the question as to whether you really should or should not use spinning software, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I trying to portray a highly professional website using professionally written articles? In this case, you should consider using an article writing service rather than spinning articles. Creating spin that generates highly readable articles is very difficult and time consuming.

2. Do I need to submit articles to mass submission services? If the answer is yes, then spinning software is perfect for this task.

3. Do I need many backlinks and fast? Articles spinners are perfect for this task.

4. Do I need to submit the same article to many websites? If yes, then consider using a spinner to modify the article so that each submission is unique.

To conclude, spinning is a great way of producing multiple articles from a single source. However, learning how to produce resulting articles that read well is a skill and may take time to perfect.