How to Create an Effective Video Guide or Tutorial

video guide Out of all the types of video content out there, guides and tutorials are undoubtedly one of the most popular. Because they deal directly with a problem or area where people are having difficulties and provide a solution – the benefit of watching them is readily apparent.

Assuming you want to create an effective video guide or tutorial, here’s what you should do:

Outline each ‘step’ in the guide

Start by writing down each step, and then expanding on it. Think of this as your script that can be used as a voiceover narration for the video itself, and tweak and edit it until it is methodical and concise as possible.

Decide how you intend to show the viewer how to accomplish each step

The advantage of a video guide as opposed to a ‘how to’ article is that you can show viewers how to perform each step. Take a minute or two to decide how you intend to pull that off – depending on the type of task that is being performed.

Record the video

Based on the decision that you made above you should know how to record the video that you need. In some cases you may need to record your screen, or in others you may want to capture footage using a digital camera, create a video slideshow, or something else entirely.

That should give you the structure that you need to create an effective video guide. In the event that you want to obtain the footage that you need by recording your screen, you can turn to Movavi Screen Capture to do so.

Using Movavi Screen Capture to create a video guide will provide you with several advantages. Not only will it let you record high quality videos from your screen but it also will give you full control over the recording parameters so you can define the capture area, choose the audio source, set the frame rate and also capture keyboard and mouse actions.

In short you should be able to record a video guide along with a voiceover narration. Rest assured because Movavi Screen Capture is so easy to use it won’t take long for you to learn how to record your screen – and from there you can take advantage of it to create video guides that match your specifications to the letter.