Killer Tips for Logo Design

Have you run out of ideas on how to make your logo? Well, if you want to create one that you wish to be well-known by people, we’ve laid out the tips for you.

Let’s go ahead and explore!

Be Brilliant and Original

Simply, you have to think of a logo that will stand out from the rest, and it would even be better if you will make an original one. What if you imitate one of the well-known logos out there? What do you think will happen? People will see your logo as a mere copycat, and that affects your branding.


It is important to grasp what your brand is. Comprehend its nature because it is going to be difficult to generate a logo out of a brand that you do not even understand. You can brainstorm and write ideas down. Surely, it can help you come up with an image of the logo that will best suit your understanding towards the brand.


There are three words that you should remember when choosing a colour: Choose It Wisely. The human brain reacts to colours, and it is your powerful weapon in order to attract a customer thus increasing the sales opportunity of a product.

Keep It Simple

If the logo is far too complex, it could confuse a person. Think of a logo that could easily be remembered by people. One example is Nike’s which has only a simple Swoosh. They do not even need to put the brand’s name anymore because when you see that swoosh, you would immediately think about Nike.


The shapes or images that you will input to your logo should be comfortable or appropriate to the eyes of your target audience. Remember that it should also still reflect your brand.


Logos are either made with  words, shapes, or symbols. Look at the brand’s name. If it has a unique name, you should go and make the logo according to that brand’s name. But if it is a name that people commonly say and hear, you should go for a logo that also reflect the same thing. Simply put, match your logo with your chosen brand name.

Create Logos Online

If your hands are not good at drawing, you could create a logo using Photoshop. If you are not good with Photoshop either, you could find websites where you can create your own. If you are still not good at it, you should pay for a Logo Graphic Designer online.

Things to remember

Now that you have ideas on how to create a logo, make use of them, and start creating your own logo. Remember that your logo should be dynamic. That way, you can put it everywhere without looking lame. Once you create a logo, do not expect for it to be well-known in an instant. Just be patient, and do your normal routine in doing business transactions. Who knows? Maybe one day you will find out your logo has made you successful.