How to Fully Maximise Your Participation and Presence in an Exhibition or Trade Show

Thousands of companies join exhibitions and trade shows every single year. You yourself may have been thinking of joining an exhibition or trade show but are unsure how to maximise your participation and presence in the event. Joining an exhibition or trade show isn’t a joke, after all – it can make or break a new product or service you have, and it can also lead to new horizons for your enterprise. So what can you do to fully maximise your participation and presence in an exhibition or trade show? Here are some all-important tips.

Understand what it entails

Joining an exhibition doesn’t just mean being there for the event, giving our promotional materials, and setting up your booth or stand in the proper way. It also means preparing for the event before it even happens, whilst it is happening, and after it happens. Prepare for the event even before you arrive in the exhibition hall by letting your customers know about it and by giving details about it on your site or through leaflets or flyers. You should try promoting the event as much as possible even before it happens so you can get an edge.

What would make people come to you?

You should also try to find out what would make the event participants seek out your booth or stand. What can you do to attract their attention and stand out amongst dozens upon dozens of other booths or stands? Aside from making sure that you have a well-designed roll up banner, you can do certain things to get noticed. One is to make your booth an attractive, relaxing area where clients and visitors can sit back and have a cup of tea or coffee. Another strategy is to give out some ‘freebies,’ such as pens, bookmarkers, key chains, and the like. These souvenirs can go even further in promoting your company and brand as they would remind people who use them what you are and what you are offering.

Venture out and show yourself

If you really want to stand out and get noticed, there’s one very simple thing you can do: venture out and show yourself! Step out from your stand, distribute a few flyers, and get to know your exhibition or trade show neighbours. Mingle with the visitors and check out the competition. This can even be a good thing as you can find out what your competition is doing or what they are up to.

Showcase your products and services with the best tools

The best tools you can have for an exhibition or trade show would be a good yet cheap banner, some flyers, brochures, and business cards, and an eye-catching get-up or uniform. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make your exhibition participation a success.

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