How to Find the Right Official Autodesk Reseller


If you’ve decided that getting Autodesk software is beneficial to your business, you’re not the only one. Many people think the same way. But you also need to think about choosing the best official Autodesk reseller for your needs. Not all these resellers are of the same caliber and they may offer different types of services.

So which one is right for you? Here are some indicators that the reseller is a good fit for your business:

  1. They have the software you’re looking for. If you’re looking for AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, or Vault, then the reseller should have them, obviously. But it also helps if they offer some sort of promo or discount that the other resellers don’t offer. They may even have the right package of programs for your precise needs. They can offer a group of programs for #D animation, for product design, or for architecture and construction.
  2. They can help you decide on which programs are best for your needs and goals. Do they agree to meeting with you first? This helps, especially if there’s no fee attached just for meeting. They should then have enough expertise to understand your particular requirements and goals. After learning that, they can then submit a proposal to you on the best way to achieve those goals within your requirements.
  3. They offer excellent training. One of the main problems of getting new software is that everyone has to familiarize themselves with the new way of doing things. This needs some time. Unfortunately, during this learning period the productivity rate can really plummet. Deadlines aren’t met and projects remain unfinished.

The learning period can also be frustratingly slow, and that can be very bad for morale. After a while, some people may even regret the change, and they may even contemplate a return to the outdated but familiar way of doing things.

However, an Autodesk reseller may have the training program that can help people get accustomed to the new programs in a shorter period of time. This training program shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution, however. The reseller should be able to customize it for your particular needs.

There’s also the matter of where this training is held. The reseller should be able to send trainers to your workplace or have premises where you can send your employees. It should also be possible have your employees train with online training tools such as live video instruction and remote mentoring.

  1. Technical support should always be available. This includes toll-free calls, quick replies to email queries, and remote virtual assistance. It also helps if their website already has some “how to” articles so that you can get solutions to the most common issues.

So if you’re planning to get an Autodesk program, find the right official Autodesk reseller. You can get much more than just good software.