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Anybody can learn the basics of SEO. You can get so many tips online. Even Google has released a basic SEO starter guide to get you going. But to really get ahead of your competition, you need strategic SEO services that go well beyond the basics.

Every website owner by now should know about page titles, meta tags and heading tags, and more efficient navigation. But these are only the basics. To really receive the optimum benefits of SEO, you need the proper strategies that the pros can provide.

So what strategies are appropriate for today’s SEO? Here are some tips:

Content Strategy Focused on Top Keywords

Google has always maintained that you shouldn’t focus on various SEO “tricks” to get top search rankings. You need high quality content. To come up with the best content, you need a proper strategy that focuses on content revolving on the keywords you want to key on.

These types of content can be varied. Blog posts and videos are very prevalent. So are research reports and white papers. You can do reviews, although “how to” articles are also popular among people who use search engines.

These articles and videos can come up high on search engine results, since lots of people like to look for them. Other websites can also link to your content, and these backlinks can significantly improve your rankings too.

You also should come up with fresh content on a regular basis. That tells Google that your site is active and not abandoned.

Actively Generate Backlinks

It’s not enough to wait for other websites to link to your articles, videos, and white papers. You have to actively seek them out. That may mean writing for popular online publications and doing industry interviews. You can also participate in discussions in highly regarded forums.

An established SEO company can help, especially if they already have an active PR division for your industry. They’ll know which of the other websites can help to generate backlinks to your own site.

Mobile Sites

Just about every survey nowadays has confirmed the fact that lots of people do searches on their smartphones. That means your website must be designed in such a way as to make them look good on these smaller screens.

So you need to have a website with a responsive design, or you should have a subdomain for mobile users.


There was a time when online shoppers weren’t all that sure about giving their credit card numbers to some faceless website. Today, they’re reassured by that extra “S” in your website address. That “S” can be the difference on whether or not a visitor to your site becomes a customer.

Google knows the importance of https, which is why these sites tend to rank higher than their http counterparts.


Putting together all these strategic SEO services for your website can be challenge, but that’s why you have pros to help you out. Get them to do what they’re good at, so you can concentrate on growing your website and your business properly.

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