5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Hosting for Your Needs


When you launch a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is “where will I host this thing?” Choosing the right hosting provider early on can help prevent loads of problems and headaches later down the road, so pay attention, as this blog post will get into the nitty gritty of what you should pay attention for when choosing a hosting provider.

Read Reviews Carefully

The first thing to consider when choosing a hosting provider are reviews. You want to take a look at sites like webhostingtalk which are open for honest discussion on a forum. This is extremely important, but you must be very wary of hosting review sites because 99% of them have zero interest in honest truth. Their main priority is making affiliate money. And they do that by peddling some of the most terrible hosting providers in the industry. Some of the best hosting providers like EuroVPS, don’t even have an affiliate program. Choose the providers that spend more of their time in the datacenter improving their infrastructure rather than mad scientist tweaking their affiliate schemes

Understand your usage patterns

You’ll want to really understand your usage patterns before deciding on a hosting product. There are a couple of considerations to watch out for:

Disk Space:

Disk space is where you will store your files. This includes databases, pictures, html, CSS, javascript, and whatever else you want to make publically available on your website. It’s important to note that on most shared hosting accounts disk space is limited strictly to website usage. This means that you are not allowed to host anything else (like your home photograph collection or an archive of your desktop’s documents) on the account. This sort of restriction helps prevent disk space abuse. If you have high storage requirements, it’s always best to choose a VPS Hosting package.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that you are allowed to use to transmit files from the server to your website visitors. This is either limited by a monthly quota of GB or is sometimes left unmetered and restricted solely by the transfer speed. There is another way to meter bandwidth called 95th percentile bandwidth billing but this is best suited for dedicated servers or colocation customers.

Be honest about your sensitivity to downtime and data loss

You need to know how much downtime and data loss you can incur before you go completely out of business. And before you default answer “zero downtime!” be open and honest with yourself. Will you really go caput with a couple of hours of downtime per year? Probably not. But if you run an eCommerce shop, downtime is a serious impediment to your conversion rate. The more costly downtime and data loss become to you, the more you need to invest in your hosting. There are solutions like Private Clouds and Managed Clusters that can help businesses that cannot afford even an hour of downtime per year. But it will cost you.

Don’t Choose Unlimited Hosting Plans

We provide VPS servers with Linux and Windows operating systems, and a variety of hosting control panel options. Whether you want to host a single site, or provide hosting to your end users, EuroVPS can provide the appropriate solution on enterprise grade hardware, with fully managed support and at a great price.

Choose a provider with experience

If you were to choose a doctor, airline pilot, or lawyer, wouldn’t you want to choose the professional with the most years of experience? More experience on the job means a higher chance that they have fought through hairy situations and got out of it alive to tell the story. It is not easy being a hosting provider due to the complexity of managing the storage, network, and compute layers of the infrastructure in harmony. Things inevitably will go wrong, but if you have experience then the chances of getting through it with the least amount of damage is much higher.