5 Things a Business Owner Should Consider When Moving to a New Office

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If you’re thinking about moving into a new office, it is probably due to changes within your business. You may be having a record breaking year and feel like it’s time for a bigger place. Or, you might be looking to downsize and free up some capital. You could be trying to capitalise on a hot new market like the one in Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the last decade, scores of entrepreneurs and start-ups have relocated to New Zealand, because its relative isolation means that the stakes aren’t as high. Costs are substantially lower, early blunders tend not to be as damaging, and what is or isn’t trending in the US doesn’t much affect popularity here. Plus, with a Servcorp serviced office, small businesses can relocate and get started in days.

So, if you’re considering a move to New Zealand or just across town, read this handy guide to all of the things you’ll need to consider.

The Floor Space

This can be one of the hardest things to get right for a small business because there are risks to investing in too much and too little space. It is important that you have some room to grow, as young companies can take off fast. However, moving into an office which is far too big for your current needs will only eat into your profits. Serviced office solutions are a viable answer; they come with negotiable short-term leases and you can upgrade whenever you like.

The Resources

If your broadband makes the mailman look fast, it could be time to upgrade and relocate to an office with better facilities. You can’t grow a business unless you have the right tools. This includes a reliable high-speed internet connection, a mailing address, a telephone answering service, and easy to access IT support. You’ll find all of these things in a serviced office facility, but you won’t have to pay for any services that you don’t need.

The Location

Even if you have a great office right now, with all of the right tools and a motivating atmosphere, you’re still limiting the potential of your business if it isn’t in a worthy location. Ideally, you want a business address which wows on paper. If prestige isn’t a top priority, however, you still need an office which is suitable for your team. If they’re spending longer than they should be commuting in and out, it’s your time and profits that are being consumed.

The Collaboration

These days, the prospect of moving right next door to a market rival really isn’t something to be intimidated by. In fact, studies have shown that it encourages healthy competition and employees actually work harder knowing they have a yardstick to measure their performance with. So, don’t shy away from coworking and collaborative offices. They can be great fun and they usually mean that you get to share the costs too.

The Alternative

If you’ve never considered a serviced or virtual office space before, perhaps now is the time to be unconventional. Many industries are starting to move away from rigid, physical addresses and are now taking their companies mobile. The serviced office, with a short term lease, is a good stepping stone for business owners who are interested in increasing their flexibility but aren’t sure about sharing space with other entrepreneurs.

How to Make Your Relocation a Great Big Opportunity

Lots of business owners dread having to carry out a full relocation, even if their operation is quite small. They think of the cost and the disruption involved and wonder if it’s all worth it. Well, the good news is that with alternative office solutions – virtual and serviced – you can make the leap as quickly or as slowly as you like because you always have the option to access a ‘ready to go’ facility.