Top 5 Free Tools for Link Analysis

“51 percent of a website’s traffic is generated through organic search.”

This holds true irrespective of the industrial domain in which you operate or the size of your business. And the factor which forms the basis of these organic searches is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO helps in the generation of organic traffic to a website.

Whether it’s the proper use of keywords and anchor text, optimization of website layout and content or any other SEO practice – they all play a part in determining the rank of a website on the SERPs. One such important practice in SEO is link building, where bloggers and webmasters include links in their content for the establishment of citations and references.


Link building is an important SEO practice.

This practice, if implemented correctly, can significantly improve the visibility and ranking of a website during search engine indexing. However, if the quality of referenced link is poor and not relevant to the content – then the same practice can also negatively influence a website’s ranking. Therefore, it is important that you analyze these links before going live with your website content. You can find information on how to check link quality through multiple useful online resources. For now, we will focus on tools which can be utilized for link analysis during any link building project within SEO – and the best part is they are absolutely free.

5 Free Tools for Link Analysis within a SEO Project

SEO Link Analysis Tool #1 – W3C Link Checker Tool

This online tool allows you to check issues with a link and any associated problems with the anchor text or a referenced object inside that specific web page or a whole website. All you need to do is simply click on this URL and provide the address of the webpage or website in the address box, you want to get checked. It is free and easy to use. However, the generation of final report often takes time.

SEO Link Analysis Tool #2 – Open Link Profiler

OpenLinkprofiler is another backlink analysis tool which gives you a complete summary of the total number of active backlinks, unique active backlinks, number of links which point to the homepage and a link influence score (LIS). You can also find the popular anchor texts present in the link as well as determine if there are any suspicious links which may result in search engine penalty. You can access the online tool by clicking here.

SEO Link Analysis Tool #3 – SEO Audit Tool

This SEO tool has been developed by Found and helps you to identify common SEO errors within a website. From domain technical errors like domain canonicalization to issues like poor quality of external links and meta data – the SEO Audit Tool provides a comprehensive summary. It is free and easy to use, where users can enter the URL they want to get inspected. The report can be downloaded in PDF format.

SEO Link Analysis Tool #4 – Check My Links

 This tool is mainly used to check that whether the provided back link is working or broken. So let’s say if you are editing a blog or a white paper which has multiple back links, then Check My Links can conveniently help you identify that which links are working and which are not. The results are returned in the form of green and red heat map, where the green highlights correspond to links which are working while the red ones are the broken links.  However, to take advantage of its service you will need to install the Chrome browser. With Check My Links, you can only analyze the web page or content which is open at that time.

SEO Link Analysis Tool #5 –

Here is another free back link analysis tool which lets you identify and analyze the backlinks associated with a specific webpage. You just have to enter the URL and the free online software will return important metrics like the quantity of backlinks, the number of different domains and IP addresses of these backlinks and which text or image has been used to establish a backlink. There are also suggestions provided for the users on which back link to follow and which to eliminate from the link building practice.