Fun Ways to Reward Your Team

If your team has worked hard to produce stunning results for your business, then you may want to make a gesture and say thank you. People love to be appreciated and your top talent are more likely to hang around and keep adding to your bottom line if they feel valued, and if they know that some sweet treats are in store.

Reward Your Team

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The type of reward that you offer will depend of the type of business that you run; a small local business won’t have the same budget as a big city law firm, or Silicon Valley start-up that just made a mint. Use the ideas below as a starting point to help you figure out a unique bonus that your most valuable team members will love!

Health and Wellness

This is a great, low cost option for small business. You could give your team free gym memberships, vouchers for spa days, yoga classes, or a meditation retreat weekend. The benefit here is that unlike treating everyone to a lunch or a dinner, your employees get to fit the reward into their own schedule, and they aren’t forced to socialize with the people that they see at work every day (you included).

Exhilarating Experiences

Give your team members the opportunity to check off an item on their bucket list by rewarding them with a day out that they’ll never forget.

Maybe you have an employee that has always wanted to make a parachute jump or skydive, or one that wants to speed along a zip line, ride in a hot air balloon, hold a monkey, name a star, or spend the day galloping along on horseback.

Local Attractions

Every area has places to go and sights to see. Maybe you could organize a fun picnic for your team and their families at the nearby beach, or take everyone skiing for the day if you’re close to the mountains. If your team love to play golf, make a day of it, with transport laid on so that everyone can enjoy some drinks in the clubhouse after the game.

Extra Education or Skills Training

While it’s a more costly option, this type of reward benefits you as the employer, and your employee. Keeping skills up to date is important in today’s fast-paced career environment, but obtaining further education and training can be too expensive for a lot of people. You could offer to pay for a course that would give your staff new competencies or enhance a skill set that they already have.

Give the Gift of Travel

Make a holiday plan for your stuff and start it by giving them Holiday cards. Book a long weekend away for your team. Take them to a luxury hotel and spa, head out to Vegas or Disney,  hire a castle, or go for the ultimate luxury and charter a yacht. Private yacht cruises allow you to reward your team and their families (and maybe valued clients) with an unforgettable trip, and you get to enjoy an amazing vacation too.

Providing perks is a great way to reward your employees. You get to do something nice; they get to feel valued, and chances are that they will be more eager than ever to help your business continue to thrive, making everyone a winner!