Can Translation Services Help Your Business?


In today’s business environment, a growing number of companies, both large and small, decide to approach foreign markets and potential customers abroad. Growth and developments in technology allow such businesses to trade successfully without borders, and as over 25% of EU customers now purchase goods and services online from shops based abroad, the potential room for your business to grow is great. Nevertheless, majority of consumers surveyed declared that they would be much more inclined to finalise their purchase if information about the product/service was available in their native language.

Nowadays, majority of companies based in multicultural cities such as London, prefer to employ multilingual staff, as this often allows them to better liaise with international business partners. London as Europe’s most multilingual city, with over 300 different languages spoken, offers a great range of potential bilingual employees. Nevertheless, often the knowledge of a second language, even fluent, does not allow an employee to fully communicate with both, business partners and clients. This can be especially true for companies operating within a specialised business sector, such as law firms, medical companies or marketing agencies.

Very often, material and content used within such business areas requires an extremely specific knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the subject. An employee, even if able to fluently speak in the target language, may not be able to accurately translate or interpret the information. Therefore, a growing number of businesses, begins to understand the true value translation services can bring to their company. Working with a professional translation agency can in many cases allow a business to successfully penetrate foreign markets and approach new, potential customers.

But how exactly could a translation agency help your business more than your multilingual employees? Usually, companies specialising in providing business translation services work not only with native speakers of the target language with have years of experience within the translation industry, but also ensure that the person working on your material has an in-depth knowledge and a hands-on experience in your specific business sector. The combination of understanding and awareness of both – the translation industry as well as your particular business area guarantees the highest possible accuracy of the translation. In many cases, an accurate and reliable translation can have a direct impact on the professional image of your company and within a new, foreign market, where your reputation isn’t established just yet, this might be a very important aspect.

Another factor which is worth considering when choosing whether3 to work with a translation agency is the fact that such agency will be able to fully localise your content. Many languages which are spoken across different countries and territories and can vary significantly depending on your target market. For example, Spanish spoken in Spain is different to Spanish spoken in Latin America or German spoken in Germany is different to the one spoken in Austria. This often can be a key aspect to consider. Different dialects, accents or regional beliefs, symbolism or even political situation can directly or indirectly influence the reliability and suitability of your translation. A professional translation company will take these factors into the account when translating your documents and ensure that your content is carefully localised in order to be suitable specifically for the area of the world you wish to target.

Additionally, any legal documents such as contracts, warranties, patents etc. must be officially certified so that they are legally recognised by official bodies e.g. courts. Working with an authorised company providing translation services will allow you to present such documents where necessary. Although a multilingual employee, similarly to online translator such as Google Translate, may be able to translate or interpret your material accurately, they do not have the legal power to certify your documents and therefore in such cases it is simply essential that you work directly with a professional translation agency, allowing you to have your documents legally recognised.

As you can see, working with a company specialising in providing translation services, especially within the business environment, can in a number of cases make the difference between success and failure in a foreign market. Surely, working with multilingual employees brings great benefits to your company, nevertheless, on more day-to-day basis. Professional translation agencies guarantee accuracy and reliability, taking the pressure away from your business and giving you more time to focus on your actual job.