Link Building Techniques – The SEO Agency Challenge


Link building for an SEO agency is an indispensable online marketing ingredient. This process requires time and effort.  But remember that a website will only get noticed only it has good content followed by genuine link building strategies and this is a good SEO agency can do for you better.

There are kinds of link anyone can use when it comes to online promotion, but many of them can be spams or of low value. In this case, these links will devalue your page in no time in Google search. So, if you wish to have the best results, webmasters should keep in check the objective value of every backlink created.

1. Focus on Relevance

Sites that are linked to your website page have great importance, but they also have to be relevant with your services and company. This way, more people who are interested in same things can find you through search results. Also you need to approach reliable websites with your text or offer you link backs.

2. A diversified strategy for link-building

You don’t have to pick just one approach and rely only on it when you are trying to earn links. There is no ‘golden rule’ to offer you useful and qualified inbound links. For example, by narrowing your tactics when trying to build links, it’s not a good way to improve your online presence. Maybe even Google won’t consider it in its changing algorithms.

3. Don’t follow the same strategy of link-buildings as your competitors

Many SEO practitioners are focused on gaining more traffic and forget that brand building is of crucial importance too. But building a very powerful brand should be a priority. If you have a strong brand, more people can learn about you and the stronger the image of your brand would be. Moreover, if you have a strong brand, you need to struggle to have great backlinks.
It’s also very important to try to identify your brand through your own characteristics. This is a good way to make a difference from your competitors in the market. Especially if you are targeting the same customers, you need to be more creative than your competitors. You can take as an example big brands liek Macy’s and Nordstorm; even though they are both aiming the same audience, they use different channels, in order to approach more clients.

4. Make natural anchor texts for links

Try to create inbound links that look natural. You don’t need to stuff all the keywords and other bad techniques in order to build something nice. It is very crucial to have main text to have relevant text just as your webpage. Of course you need to use the right and most powerful keywords in order to create successful links. This is a very powerful way to gain the results your wish to have.


As you can understand, today Google focuses on bigger and resourceful posts and contents that can generate organic backlinks. It’s not enough just to put some great thoughts about a certain topic and that’s it. Today, you need to provide reliable and great data, great and engaging content, in order to be able to trigger your readers. This is just a perfect way for you to gain more potential buyers. But you need to know how to do all these things well or hire a good SEO agency, in order to have great and successful results possible.