Just How Persuasive Is Your Sales Pitch?

Particularly effective salespersons can aid a company increase its revenues exponentially. Whether you’ve got hundreds of warm leads lined up or you’re cold calling consumers that you hope will be open to your pitch, you’re bound to strike out more often than not. Such is the nature of sales, which is why professionals are always looking for new methods and techniques to improve. So, if you are playing the numbers game you should outsource a sales team.

Sales Pitch
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Outsourcing to sales professionals who get results is much more effective than hiring employees, then training them and waiting to see how they perform. If your sales pitch is already effective, give some of your leads to an outsourced sales team and together you can make more contacts.

Testing the Pitch

Your sales pitch might sound really good in your head, but it is truly all about the response that you get. On the other hand, you have to deliver your sales pitch to more than just a handful of people. Your sales pitch has to be delivered with enthusiasm to leads over the phone, in person, in the morning and around dinner time. In fact, you won’t know whether your sales pitch works well or not until it is tested on a great number of leads. If you have an outsourced sales team working along with you, you can crunch the numbers faster than ever.

Slight Changes Can Perfect Your Sales Game

An ineffective sales pitch doesn’t have to be ditched altogether. You might change your opening statement or make critical changes to the hook. A good sales pitch can be crafted with the use of statistics or even popular culture references. Ask your sales team about what improvements can be made to your sales pitch so that you convert more leads and generate additional sales. Start with making minor yet effective changes to your pitch and then split test it against the original to see what the results are.

Working From a Sales Script Versus Freestyling

When you’re making contact with a target and you can feel the person’s level of interest waning, you have to make a fast decision. If you’re working from a script, you might want to ditch what you have written down in front of you and try a more personal, custom approach. Some sales professionals are great at freestyling, and they change their sales pitch frequently to match the environment. If you’ve got your sales pitch pretty much memorized, you can ad lib and freestyle all you want, and still go back to your script again without so much as batting an eyelash.

If you’re making sales, then your pitch is working at least to some extent. You can always make it more effective and even close the amount of time it takes to close a sale. At the same time, if it’s not broke then you really don’t need to fix it. There is safety in numbers, so get a team of sales professionals to make the rounds with you and get in contact with more leads.