3 Christmas Gifts That Cost Less Than The iPhone X

Critics call the iPhone X the best smartphone in the world. At $999 for its 64GB model, it’s also the most expensive handset in the world. Tim Cook will tell you the X is worth every dollar, but he hasn’t convinced everyone. A large crowd of doubting techies are scared off by the monumental price tag. If you’re one of them, then the iPhone X won’t be making it under your Christmas tree this year. The good news is that means you have roughly a grand left over to spend on your loved ones. Here are some alternative gift ideas you could buy for $999.

An Expensive Addition to Their Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet

If the person on your list likes to enjoy a wee dram of the good stuff every occasionally, a luxury bottle of whiskey would be a sure-fire way of winning Christmas this year. Roughly one grand is not a lot of money to spend on a bottle, as many whiskey experts are willing drop 10 times as much on a single bottle, but it can still buy you a tasty vintage that your loved one will savor. A 30-year Balvenie Single Malt is a complex whiskey with hints of oak and peat, and it goes for about $900 — leaving you with enough left over to get a modest set of whiskey glasses or several whiskey stones to round out the gift.

At $750, Royal Salute’s 38-year Stone of Destiny is another single malt that costs less than an iPhone X. It’s also much rarer than the X, even considering Apple’s flagship production delays. With only 600 bottles available, the true challenge in buying the Stone of Destiny isn’t dropping $750 but finding it in the first place.

An iPhone 8 Package

iPhone 8 Package

If the person on your list is a massive Apple fan, then they’re probably disappointed the X isn’t already in their hands. Take the edge off by giving them the iPhone 8. Released approximately one month ahead of the flagship, the 8 shares many of the same features with the X. Its near bezel-less design shows off its daring, edge-to-edge OLED display, and under the hood, its fitted with an A11 bionic chip that runs the latest iOS 11 seamlessly. And at $699, the iPhone 8 gives you the opportunity to pocket $200.

Since this is the season to be generous, you wouldn’t do that, right? With an additional $200, you could stock up on essential iPhone tech to create the ultimate Apple package this Christmas. The iPhone 8 lacks a headphone jack, so consider adding wireless headphones to the mix. Its glass backing also makes it possible to charge this handset wirelessly, so your loved one would appreciate a wireless charger.

That very same glass backing makes the 8 incredibly easy to damage, so an iPhone skin is a must-have addition to the package. These iPhone skins play double-duty as you can customize cool iPhone 8 skins to look tailor-made for your loved one. Combine it with Apple Care+ in case their clumsy handling results in a cracked screen, and you have the beginning of an impressive basket! Head to the Apple Store to see what you can add, and use a guide like this one for inspiration.

A Luxury Prix Fixe Dinner

Prix Fixe Dinner

Foodies are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to try the latest culinary experiment, whether it’s a puff cloud of synthesized Kobe beef or a taco built out of real gold. The good news is you don’t have to send your loved one half way across the world to give them a gastronomic gift fit for a king or queen.  Chef Masa Takayama is taking reservations at his Michelin star restaurant, Masa, where he serves up luxury Japanese fare from the fourth floor of the Time Warner Building in Manhattan.

One plate of his high temple sushi is $595 before tax. While Masa no longer requires tips, you’ll have to spend a little more than the X if you expect to join your loved one with a plate of your own. It will also take a bit of time, as Masa recommends setting aside two hours for the dining experience.

At $999, the iPhone X is more expensive than most Christmas gifts. You could probably think up a thousand of inventive ways to spend nearly a grand on your loved ones. These are just three to help get your creative juices flowing!