What To Do When Your Machine Programmers Can’t Keep Up

Machine Programmers

Machine programming is a time-consuming part of the inspection process and without the right resources, it can quickly cause bottlenecks and delays when you can’t get inspections started. New software capabilities like offline programming have reduced bottlenecks, if you have up-to-date software. Waiting for the first component before programming an inspection routine was a cumbersome process that could add hours to the start of your validation process. But there are plenty of other problems that plague machine programmers. The question you have to answer is what you do when they can’t keep up with the workload.

GD&T Training

Better training is one of the greatest gifts you can give your current machine programmers, whether it’s software training or training on GD&T. Already a provider of innovative metrology software training in E-learning format, Canadian Measurement Metrology (CMM) is now offering GD&T training. Their 3-day sessions teach programmers and parts designers the fundamental of GD&T, a design code that has made validating parts faster and easier, while reducing mistakes and scrap, by simplifying the language of tolerances. GD&T is a symbolic language with its own grammar and syntax, similar to a coding language, and it’s become the preferred way for design departments to communicate with inspections and metrology programmers. In the past, the way one department interpreted a drawing led to errors. Today, when the part needs to be validated, the inspector can decode the GD&T which describes tolerances for the part’s dimensions, eliminating elaborate and sometimes confusing notes that once came with drawings. GD&T is a code that produces drawings and puts designers and engineers on the same page and makes it easier for designers to communicate constraints. As a standardized language for parts drawings, it’s an essential part of training machine programmers.

Metrology Software Training

A skills deficit in your machine programmers can cause big delays and even bigger errors, driving costs and time-to-delivery up. Software training with essential programs like PC-DMIS can bring your programmers up to speed with new software programs. With a new PC-DMIS release out this year, it’s worth sending them in for training or buying e-learning courses from CMM.

Contract Inspection

If you’ve fallen behind on inspection, a metrology shop can get you back on schedule. They offer a range of services from in-house to out-of-house inspection, as well as services like laser alignment to help you relocate machinery or build automatic production lines, 3D digitizing and reverse engineering, and tooling verification.

Contract Coordinate Measuring Machine Programming

Finally, your last line of support for your current machine programmers is bringing in contract programming help. When your programmers can’t keep up, contract programmers can assist with just about any major metrology software, including PC-DMIS, Quindos, Calypso, Polyworks, Spatial Analyzer, Modus, and more. They can train your programmers on recent updates, use existing programs faster than your in-house programmers may be able to, program offline to speed up the process, or modify your existing programs. Take back your production schedule with support for your coordinate measuring machine programmers.