Small Business Website Fundamentals


It’s impossible to ignore the fact that websites provide enormous benefits to small businesses. Even if yours is a brick and mortar store, utilizing the web as a way to attract interest in your business and generate sales can be critical to its overall success. At first, developing your business’s website can seem to be an overwhelming and daunting chore. Even with the many tools, guides, and services at your disposal, it can all seem to be a bit much. This articles explores and explains some of the most basic components of an efficient web page for your business.

The About Us Page. Unfortunately, the about us page is too often an afterthought for many businesses but should be the first and most significant element of a website. Developing trust is key to your business’s online presence, and the about us page should be designed to promote a positive and lasting impression of you and your company.

The about us page should introduce you and your team to your online consumers, and explain the reasons behind why you started your company. It should show what makes you special by conveying your interests, your passion, and the overall vision you have for your business. Be sure to include information that triggers emotion in your readers and explains the mission of your company. The about us page should provide visuals and profiles of you and your team members, and give your audience confidence that you are a real person who cares about them as loyal consumers. You may want to consider these page templates for the about us page as you begin your business’s website design process. 

The Shopping Cart. While there are other ways to allow consumers to order products online, the Shopping Cart is an important feature. Manual ordering can be too time-consuming for the modern consumer, and many may lose interest in the product if the prices are listed in a downloadable pdf that is separate from the visuals of your product. Also distasteful to savvy consumers are phone pricing, complicated checkout processes, businesses that put up surprise costs during the checkout process, limited options for payments, and a general lack of navigability from shopping to checkout.

While businesses will want to avoid setting up processes that lead to shopping cart abandonment, a streamlined checkout system will provide options for customers who may be browsing now and intend to purchase later. Ecommerce checkout is critical to your online business success for many reasons so you may want to follow best practices for optimizing your online checkout design.

Contact Information Page. Whether you choose to utilize a shopping cart or not, it is important for your customers to be able to reach you. Make your business number a prominent aspect of your website or create a contact form that is suitable for your target demographic.

Providing business numbers that allow your consumers to get in touch with you instantly will increase their level of trust. Some business owners even add a click-to-call button on their sites that will ask customers for their phone number and connect them to a server. By clicking the buttons, the consumer can call the business’s company number but won’t be charged for the call because it is paid for by the called party. Using the browser instead of a desk phone, it is a toll-free call that makes the phone service ring the business number. There are many business click-to-call services you can explore before choosing one to add to your website.

Go Mobile. As a small business owner, you should realize that your consumers will be utilizing a wide range of devices to access your site. More than half of customers are currently browsing from smartphones and mobile devices instead of a computer. As a result, you should plan for your website to be mobile-friendly and viewable on any size screen.

Many top web-builders create mobile-optimized websites automatically, which can detect the type of device your consumer is browsing from and automatically shift the content to provide the best experience. But before you choose a platform, be sure to look at which sites are adaptable and progressive enough to support your purpose and the eventual growth of your online business traffic.

While building an online business website may be easier than ever before, it’s important to keep in mind the critical components of great web design. Many cheap and even free services will enhance the overall look and accessibility of your business website.

What have you found to be some business website must-haves? Feel free to comment here.