Tips on How to Recover from a Past Branding Mistake

Branding is important for any business. You can expect more people to be more curious about what you have to offer if you have a strong brand. Otherwise, they will jump to other options that catch their interest.

Small businesses have come up with different gimmicks in order to catch the attention of their target audience. It has even reached the point where they seem too desperate that they end up with a branding mistake. They have tried cracking jokes in their commercials that were borderline racist and insensitive. Others put up posters and banners that did not truly reflect what the company had to offer.

Some companies never recovered. It does not mean though you can also end up with the same fate. There are ways for you to still recover after such a mistake.

Never dwell on the mistake

If you have suffered from a backlash because of a mistake, try to take a pause and evaluate what you have done. Take a closer look at the mistake and how you made it. However, after some time, you have to move on. You can’t allow yourself to be defined by such a mistake. Try rebranding. Apologise for what has happened and promise to do better. Owning up to your mistakes might make people more forgiving. You did something wrong, but your apologies could have a greater impact.

Keep moving

Just because you are trying to reshape your business does not mean you have to take a pause. Life goes on. Keep looking for potential partners. Keep advertising. Find the best people to work with you. The only way to go when you’re already down is up. Don’t let this setback prevent you from moving the business in a more positive direction.

Take this moment to shine

As always, bad publicity is still publicity. It does not mean though that you should opt for this type of publicity all the time. However, while you are in this situation, try your best to just seize the moment. Build a better relationship with the people whom you have hurt or offended. Show that you have made amends. Stop hiding. Engage and be bolder. For instance, if you were accused of overpricing, give out free coupons or provide discounts and freebies.

Use better advertising techniques

If the problem was caused by your bad advertising techniques, try doing better. Change these techniques and think long and hard. Look for people who can help you out. For instance, if you need to have banner printing, you must come up with a good idea first. Run the layout past your staff until there are no errors.

It takes time to recover after a mistake. You just have to be resilient and do whatever you can to make it up.