Reasons Why You Still Need to Include Promotional Products in Your Marketing Strategy


With the increase in popularity of digital or online marketing, most business owners are considering eliminating promotional products. They believe that they can allot their giveaway products budget to their online ads expenses instead. Others claim that their promo merchandise items aren’t converting into their target monthly sales.

Is it really time to bid farewell to business giveaways and just spend money on other marketing techniques? Or, should you still make room for them in your grand master plan? We have gathered the top reasons why you should keep them.

More room for incentives

Promotional gifts can be used for both customers, employees and staff. Instead of just giving them for free, you can use them as rewards. For example, you can reward your best-performing workers with a special item.

You can also give special items to your customers once they reach more than £100 for their total purchases in your online store.

More brand ambassadors

Can you imagine how many people will end up seeing your giveaway T-shirt, mug, notepad or other items in just one day? Your customers and staff can become your brand ambassadors, most especially if you provide them with quality promotional merchandise.

Unlike TV, radio or online ads that only focus on short-lived exposure, you get to leave a lasting impression on your target customers. Thousands of local customers will end up Googling about you when they come across your brand through your exclusive merchandise.

Add a personal touch to your marketing message

Videos and graphics content may earn you likes and shares, and they may be used as cool ways to reach out to your audience. However, they don’t always give value to your audience. Why not give them usable items like notepads, flash drives, travel mugs and coasters that they can carry with them all the time?

Also, not everyone can find you on the internet, most especially if your site isn’t ranking in search results yet. Having additional marketing on the ground level can help you increase your brand’s visibility. Also, a promotional present can definitely add a personal touch to any marketing tactic.

How to maximise your promotional merchandise

While having promotional giveaways can cost you money, they are still a worth-it investment. Be sure to find the right supplier for your needs. See if they offer their products at reasonable rates. Also, pick the most strategic way to distribute your goods.

For example, you can schedule them during your campaign tours. You can hand them out too during trade shows or conferences as your form of a business card. Check the quality of the materials you will distribute because these will have a lasting effect on your image.

Promotional gifts should not be eliminated from your marketing plan, instead, you should keep on using them to your advantage. You need to utilise them properly, so they can give more value to your business. We recommend using them together with your online marketing tactics and picking the right time to hand them to your customers.