Tips for Selecting a Mobile Printer Stand for Your Home Office

A mobile printer stand is a useful item in any home office. The best thing about it is you can put your printer wherever you want without having to lift it and carry it around. All you have to do is release the brakes on your printer stand and roll it across the floor of your home office. There are certain things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect mobile printer stand.

Get One with Space to Spare

Of course, when looking for a mobile printer stand you need to find one that will accommodate the size of your printer. Better yet, look for one that will leave you extra space around your printer. That way, you can adjust its position without worrying about it toppling off.

Choose the Right Wheels for Your Stand

Look for a mobile printer stand with low profile casters. These are perfect for this amount of weight. Plus, they can help you maneuver the stand easily whenever you want to relocate it within your home office. Checkout the wheels to make sure they have brakes on them, so you can have peace of mind about your printer stand remaining in one place after you move it.

Consider a Suitable Height for Your Office

Think about the height you want for your printer stand. As you sit at your desk, you don’t want to have to reach up to use it. Alternatively, you don’t want to have to reach down to access the printer buttons, your copies, etc. The best way to get a stand of suitable height is to sit in your chair and reach out as if you are grabbing a copy off the printer. Estimate how high your hand is off the floor. This should give you a good idea of the height you’re looking for.

Finally, you should like the style of your mobile printer stand. Get one that flows with the décor of your home office. It’s a practical item that can be decorative, too.