5 ways of creating an inviting entrance to your business

All businesses no matter what you sell or provide should want to improve on their ways to create an inviting entrance to your business.  A lot of the times your business will be judged on the entrance to your business and therefore you want to make that first right impression to all customers.  Here are 5 ways of creating an inviting entrance to your business.

  1. Wall signs are a great way to invite your customers to your business entrance. They could show your logo and or slogans and show your customers that your business is extremely professional and welcoming.   You could have several different walls signs such as illuminated signs, window vinyl, printed vinyl, etched vinyl, acrylic signs, aluminium tray signs, foamex signs, dibond signs, projection signs, correx signs.  You could also have PVC banners which you could place in your reception area with your business details or special offers on.
  2. Directory signs are needed in most businesses. Whether you have a product you sell or a service.  According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “Directory signs can be anything from signs on doors letting you know which door leads where or to direct you to another area of the business.” Pavement signs are great for directing someone into your business.  They attract attention to your business from the foot fall of people walking past.  They are weighted to protect from the wind and waterproof too.
  3. The reception desk should be one of the most inviting areas of your business. This will be the first impression that the customer has, so it is very important to make that great first impression.  It should be a fully functioning area, showing the business professionalism first hand.  You should have all you need in the reception area such as telephone, printer, computers etc.  You could also install a coffee or drinks machine in your reception area for your customers to make themselves feel more welcome and relaxed in your business.
  4. Your employees should be inviting, welcoming and happy in their work. This will reflect onto the customer.  They help run your business and are part of the whole process.  Make sure they are valued, and this will reflect highly.  If your employees are polite and inviting the customers will come back and spread this by word of mouth.  This is a great recommendation for your business.

Make sure your entrance to your business is clean and your reception area is clean too.  Make sure the windows are washed and the entrance ways are clean.  Make sure the exterior of the building is clean and signs are clean too.  If your front door needs a paint, make sure this is also done.  Add some flowers and plants to the outside area.  This will give you a lovely aesthetic pleasing welcome to any customers.  Then once clean hire professionals to give the place a clean so it never gets too dirty, which would put off potential customers and remaining customers too.