Combining digital and print for a successful marketing campaign

Digital and print can work together well for a successful marketing campaign for your business.  Print should take place in any marketing campaign and it can work well in the digital area too.  Print marketing has continued to grow and evolve alongside the digital area.  Therefore,mixing digital and print is the future of modern marketing campaigns.

Coupons Or Codes

A great way to use your print campaign is to use coupons on your printed leaflets and or flyers.  These can be redeemed through a website and therefore will track the success of the leaflet distribution.  This will tell you how your customers are interacting with your leaflet campaign and you will be able to tell how to tweak areas to get the best potential from this type of marketing campaign in the future.  You can also direct customers to your social media pages where you could be holding a competition or giveaway.  This would get the customers to interact with you on your social media and also share your posts and tell others about your business too.

Business Cards

Collecting business cards for email distribution and therefore making connections linked in via networking.  According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “This is another great way to use both digital and print to your advantage.  Make sure your business card is of high quality and shows exactly what your business does, so it gives a great first impression to connections.”  Contacting such connections after a networking event is a sure way for them to remember you if you do this as soon as possible after the event, you are fresh in their memory.  This could lead to prospective connections that could be very valuable in your business.

Some digital marketing companies have noticed the benefits of print now too.  There has been an increase in brochures and printed magazines to market their brands.  Using these marketing techniques alongside each other works effectively.

QR Codes

QR codes are a great way to also combine digital and print.  Customers can scan the codes using their mobile phones or entering a URL shown in the printed material.  This way you can drive traffic to your online campaigns and you can monitor the data you get from it.  QR codes can be printed on most things and are a great way to get your customers to interact with you digitally while digesting the printed material.

Personalised Letters

Sending personalised letters to your customers and connections then use CRM like Hubspot to then monitor people that are visiting your site, track performance and to contact them.  A personalised letter is a unique way of contacting someone and this would mix digital and print perfectly for your marketing campaign.  Personalised print media has a more powerful presence than personalised emails.  It makes the person feel more valued and special and a more personal touch that can sometimes lack in traditional print marketing.

It has been shown that customers interact with print and digital marketing in different ways.  They should complement each other in a way that helps and grows your business.