Why Arcades Use Membership Cards

Remember the classic days of the arcade when you’d waste away an entire day pumping quarter after quarter into a video game in order to hone your skills or earn a top score? As strange as it might seem, we’re quickly entering an era when some among the younger people at your local arcade will say no to this question.

For the latest generation of public arcade gamers, there’s no need for a change machine to exchange your large bills into coins in order to play. In fact, you probably don’t even have to bring physical money to the arcade at all any more.

If you haven’t visited an arcade in awhile, you may be surprised to find out what it’s like inside a modern arcade on your next visit, since these days all you need to play your favourite new or nostalgic, old game is a plastic membership card.

The main reason that arcades have switched from tokens or quarters to using membership cards is that they’re more convenient for both the players and the establishment. For the players, there’s no need to save up every quarter you can get your hands on like you did as a kid; all you need to do is to put your weekly allowance in the bank. At the arcade, you simply use your debit card in a special electronic cashier machine, which loads up your membership card with all the funds you need for the day. Then you can start playing – it’s that easy!

The establishment, on the other hand, no longer has to worry about keeping their change machines stocked with quarters. This saves their staff the time of having to go around to every video game all day to empty out a full bank of coins – which costs the arcade less in labour and prevents interruptions in game play.

Since these cards are digital, they also allow for better security. Gone are the days when you could win free games all night by using the old double straw folded into the coin slot trick! If you’d like more information on the latest digital security that goes into these cards, you can click here to lean more about how to buy the security ID card printers that use the same technology that that a wide variety of industries use to maintain the highest calibre of available security. Another venue where you’ll see similar membership ID cards in use is at Virtual Reality gaming centers.

On the plus side, the money that the arcade saves with membership cards allows them to offer more special promotions, such as tournaments, where players can win preloaded cards. Better technology also means less technical issues, so arcade aficionados will be happy to know they won’t have to put up with as much waiting around for their favourite games to be repaired.

Modern digital ID cards provide a technology that can be used for a surprising variety of purposes, which is why so many industries are using them. Contact a digital ID card solutions distributor today to learn more!