5 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

When promoting a business or a brand, it is important that you can promote in places where people can see them. Some businesses would focus on posting their promotions in public areas like parks, shopping malls and in large billboard towers on highways. But, did you know you can also promote using your vehicles?


Vehicle wraps or car wrapping are now becoming popular for businesses as a way to promote their products, services and brand. No matter what industry your business is, you can use vehicle wraps for your needs. You can be as creative as you want with them and you don’t have to pay for monthly rent for the ad space you are using.

Aside from being affordable, here are the five major benefits of vehicle wraps that you should consider when trying to find ways to promote your business or brand:

  1. Higher impression for a cheaper cost

Vehicle wraps can get more impressions compared to other types of advertisements. From the time you get the vehicle wrapped to the time you retire the vehicle, you can easily get 30,000 to 80,000 impressions daily depending on how often your vehicle is driven around the area. You will even get impressions even if you drive your vehicle during the weekends.

If you compute the impressions you can make for a year and how much you invested for them, you can make as much as 11,000,000 impressions per year or around $.050 per one thousand impressions. Vehicle wraps vary in prices depending on how large your vehicle is and what type of vehicle wrap you request. Usually, they can start around $300 and they can last all year or more.

If you promote on TV or in billboards, you can spend around $20 to $50 per one thousand impressions and that is a lot of money. You also have to constantly renew your advertisements so it will be shown a lot of time.

  • 24/7 promotion

Vehicle wraps are also ideal because you don’t have to worry about people not seeing your promotion because they have to catch it on a certain time slot on TV or radio. TV and radio ads are always short and it won’t be repeated as much as you want to because of how much you paid for airtime. You also have to compete with other ads that are also shown alongside it. Furthermore, you will need to pay for a new fee once a new campaign kicks in.

With vehicle wraps, your promotion happens 24/7. Whether your vehicle is out for deliveries or parked in a parking lot, people will be able to see your advertisement clearly. They will also have more time to take in your message because they don’t have to worry about it disappearing too quickly. They can take a photo of your vehicle wrap and peruse the message at their own leisure.

  • Improves your image

Having a vehicle wrapped fleet improves the perception of people towards your business. When they see your fleet, they will immediately think that you are a large brand and you can be trusted. People are also reassured when they see what services or products you offer through your vehicle wraps.

  • Does not damage your car’s paint

When you get your vehicle wrapped, you don’t have to worry about your car’s paint being damaged or warped after you remove the wrap. Vehicle wraps actually work as a shield for your car’s paint, ensuring that it will be protected from UV rays and minor damage caused by rocks, hail and other elements your vehicle will meet during your journey.

If you want to replace the wrap or remove it entirely, you don’t have to paint over it. It can peel off easily and your car’s paint will look the same way as you first bought it. This ensures that you can put a new wrap cleanly on your car and get more funds from it if you will sell your car.

  • Promotion happens everywhere

Finally, your promotion will last longer and will be seen everywhere whether people like it or not if you put them on vehicles. Nowadays, people get their information online and they often use advertisement blockers to get rid of promotional messages. But, when they see your vehicle on the road, they can’t get rid of the ad because it is in your vehicle.

ConclusionAs a business or a brand, you need to find ways to maximize your promotional campaign both offline and online. With vehicle wraps, you don’t have to worry about your promotional activity cut short because of TV and radio requirements. When it is in your vehicle, you can promote wherever you want, whenever you want. Check what available vehicle wraps you can try out online and see if it will work before starting wrapping.