The Advantages of the Satellite Phone

Today, despite the rapid expansion of the market for smartphones and mobile telephones in general, we find that there is coverage for these devices in only 10% of the planet. In the remaining 90%, there is no choice but to use satellite phones or wait to return to an area with coverage. In many places only a geographic percentage is covered by cellular networks, this is limited to cities, highways, and some special points of interest for the companies that provide us with services. If you have a trip planned for work or fun outside of these, you will most likely be without coverage. Fortunately, there are technologies such as satellite phones that have global coverage, or in other words, everywhere, no matter where you are: land, sea, or air.

Eliminate Roaming Charges

In addition to avoiding the costly roaming service of incumbents, it has many other advantages over ordinary mobile phones currently being used by most people. If for work reasons, you are planning the next trip abroad, and you are not completely convinced about taking your traditional cell phone, mainly, for fear of international roaming charges, then you should think about the possibility of buying or leasing a satellite phone. This technology, in addition to avoiding the costly roaming service of traditional operators, has many other advantages over ordinary mobile telephones.

Main Advantages

There are quite a few advantages to using a satellite phone. For one, it provides a robust service since the satellites when placed in space are oblivious to the damage that can be generated, for example, by an earthquake. This allows for communications that are continuous over time and not interrupted. It is easy to use and carry. It is about equipment that does not present major difficulties to be operated, being very resistant to extreme weather conditions. They allow other functions such as data communication, via SMS or email, sending the location with GPS precision, and requesting help in the event of an accident or emergency.