Five Things Employees Look for in a Company

Hiring is getting more challenging every year. Employees today are looking for something more than an hourly wage or salaried position. If the only thing your business has to offer is a living wage, you will not get talented employees. With more options than ever, including remote employment and second career opportunities, today’s employees are comparison shopping. If you want to hire and retain the best people, be sure you know what potential hires are really looking for.

Benefits Options

Most employers offer healthcare these days, so you need to provide more than just health care coverage. Be sure you have options available, including different plans with varying deductibles and options like HMOs and PPOs. If your company offers dental and vision coverage, it could be the final factor that makes a difference. For many individuals and families, great benefits are, if not more, important than the salary or hourly wage.


With remote employment trending everywhere, flexibility is key to tracking qualified candidates. Work-from-home options, flex scheduling, and floating days off are attractive, particularly to employees with family commitments. Job sharing is another option many people look for to achieve a good work/life balance.

Work Perks

Making the workday more pleasant, even on a small scale, aids in employee retention. Move beyond casual Fridays. Consider a four-day workweek, offering catered Fridays, gym memberships, bonus programs, and discounts on services or products. Updating your breakrooms, providing a cafeteria, and having an area where employees can relax and unwind are all selling points for new employees. Bonus plans are powerful as well. If someone is being offered similar salaries by two different companies, they will lean toward the one that has a bonus or incentive plan.

401K or Retirement Plan

Companies offering a strong 401K or retirement plan tend to have employees who stay longer. Individuals value the security of knowing they’ll have something more than social security when they retire. Having a retirement plan in place makes saving for the future more manageable and gives your employees peace of mind. You’ll make your company even more enticing if you offer matching funds.

Proper Training & Ongoing Education

Most of your employees hope to advance in their careers, whether with your company or with another employer. Be sure you offer proper training to all employees, as comfort and confidence make their jobs rewarding. Continuing education, particularly management training like that provided by, is a powerful draw that assures your employees you want what’s best for them and want them to succeed at your company.