How to Make Up for Being Overworked

Are you overworked? Unfortunately, when you’re running your own business, beginning a startup company, or trying to make your mark as an excellent employee, you may find that you feel like you’re spending more time working than doing everything else in your life.

When work takes the place of eating, sleeping, and relaxing, you probably know that you should spend less time working. However, working less isn’t always a possibility. Here are some tips to help you push through when you know you’re working too much but can’t reduce the number of hours you dedicate to working.

Consider Vitamin C Injections

There are plenty of vitamin c injection benefits that can help if you’re working too much. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, which can keep you from getting sick even if you’re not eating right or getting enough sleep.

Injecting vitamin C puts it directly into your bloodstream and allows it to get right to work improving your wellbeing and making sure you have all the energy you need to keep moving. Ingesting vitamin C supplements may not be as beneficial.

Particularly at a time when having a strong immune system is so important, it’s a very good idea to consider vitamin C injections, especially if you know that you’re not taking care of your body as much as you should be.

Take Short Breaks Frequently

When you’re working 12 hours a day you may not be able to spare an hour for rest, but you can probably work at least 5 or 10-minute breaks every hour into your day. You may be amazed by how beneficial these kinds of short breaks can be.

Step outside, breathe in some fresh air, stretch out your neck and back, and maybe even squeeze in some brief cardiovascular exercises like jumping jacks. Not only will taking a break like this refresh you, but it can also help get your blood pumping and your brain working so that you’ll be more effective when you go back to work.

While it can be hard to take a moment for yourself when it feels like every second needs to be devoted to working, taking a little time for a break will actually benefit your work in the long run.

Work Smarter Even if You Can’t Work Less

Being overworked can have all kinds of negative consequences for your health, immune system, and sanity. You may not be able to reduce your workload, but looking out for your overall wellness and frequent short breaks can make a huge difference in keeping you healthy and helping you to work smarter, longer.