Gen Z Marketing: 4 Tips For Marketing To Gen Z

As the spotlight of marketing is gradually shifting from millennials to this new wave of consumers, Gen Z, marketers have continued to put even more effort into understanding and connecting with their needs. This is particularly because Gen Zers have been found to have a distinctive shopping pattern.

Seeing that this new wave of consumers is largely dominating the market, leveraging Gen Z marketing strategies is sure to cause a boost to your sales. 

These 5 tips for Gen Z marketing are worthy tools to have in your arsenal when planning your next marketing strategy.

5 Tips For Gen Z Marketing

Go soft on Traditional Marketing Methods

Gen-Zers are characteristically bold and creative, dominating platforms like TikTok and Instagram that allow them to “be themselves”. 

Replace those traditional marketing methods, like paid actors in commercials, with more modern methods like storytelling. Marketing campaigns that are real and relatable are sure to attract the attention of Gen Zers and eventually influence their buying decision.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is one business trait that tends to attract Gen-Zers in mass. This is therefore something you would want to center your marketing strategy around.  In their pitch, Gen Z Marketing, Carson Doyle stated that authenticity is not achieved merely by understanding the buying pattern of Gen-Zers but by thinking like them.

This then calls for the need to understand their buying pattern, gather resources, and look into insights, to ensure that your marketing technique speaks directly to them.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Statistics have shown that Gen Z’s spend a huge chunk of time on social media. The average Gen Z spends a shocking nine hours per day scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. 

These numbers provide a superb opening for marketers to leverage. Look into the insights of how your products perform on these platforms and then focus on creating quality content tailored to the social media platform you’re using.

Go Professional

To ensure you get the most out of your marketing techniques, employing the services of Gen Z focused marketing agencies, such as the Gen Z Marketing Carson Doyle is a good move. These Gen Z-focused marketing agencies bring the perspective of an expert who would have deeper knowledge and understanding of the shopping pattern of Gen-Zers.

Leverage Video Content

With their favorite social media platforms being Tiktok and Instagram, Gen-Zers consume a high percentage of video content in a day. This is a clear indication that entering into these spaces with quality video content is key.

Be sure to, however, keep the video content short and straight to the point, no more than 30 seconds – 1 minute. With the many other things to look at on social media, Gen-Zers don’t typically spend so much time on a page.

Marketing to Gen-Z is easier than you know. With these tips, your next Gen Z marketing strategy would be sure to attract amazing insights.